Frans Meijer

FransMeijerFrans Meijer

Frans coaches management boards, partnerships, and divisions within professional organizations. He works on a daily basis with attorneys-at-law, judges, medical specialists and other professionals. His background is in law, industrial psychology and organizational psychology, and he is a registered mediator with the Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI).

His is a familiar face in many major national and international organizations in the legal, healthcare and educational fields. Known for adopting a clear position on issues, Frans is a fast thinker – sharp, single-minded and to the point. These qualities make him an effective partner for board members and executives. Frans has a flair for devising clear, concise plans that produce real results.

Several of Frans’ publications have aroused public interest. He lectures regularly, including at Utrecht University and for the Dutch Bar Association.

His special theme is coaching the management board on issues of (un-)manageability for partnerships and professionals.

Meijer Consulting Group

Frans founded the Meijer Consulting Group (MCG) fifteen years ago. MCG has ten senior consultants and a professional support staff. MCG has been an accredited short-term vocational education bureau since 2010. The bureau’s priority areas are boardroom consulting, management consultancy, coaching, training and assessments.


  • Developing and implementing a senior management leadership programme for the ten leading law firms.
  • Individual coaching of board members on leadership
  • Active coaching on the process of alliances and mergers.
  • Partner evaluation – and partner performance programmes.
  • Vision building for professional partnerships in relation to teamwork and profiling.
  • Mediation in issues concerning internal teamwork and communication in partnerships and practice groups.
  • Implementing and supporting inter-vision and peer review programmes between partners.
  • Devising and performing psychological assessments and development programmes for senior associates and partners.


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