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Leaders in the development of leaders, supporting change and transition

Parallel Mind is an international consultancy specialising in advice, training and coaching to people in professional services, since 2002.

Who we are

The Parallel Mind supporting leaders

We are an international consultancy serving professional services businesses.

We have worked with international law firms since 2002 and over the last decade expanded to include other professional service businesses, such as international finance banks and insurance companies and accounting firms.

Parallel Mind specialise in:

  • 1-1 Leadership Coaching

  • Training for individuals and management teams

  • Developing internal coaches and coaching resource

  • Consultancy services  to support business transitions and change

  • Partnering

We help leaders and in-house teams accelerate change through the development of leadership skills and the quality of conversation.


Parallel Mind Services

How we help you

We offer a range of training, coaching and consulting/management support services that are developed from our personal experiences in corporate life and working to the needs of our clients in managing change.
Leading, being a leader, driving change and managing transitions in people and organisations presents an ongoing variety of challenges in business life.
We can help when there is a need to develop key people or teams to seize the opportunities thrown up in the process of change.
One of the many challenges for a professional business-to-business organisation is to build out from existing practices and its business culture.  How do you create new habits and sources of sustainable business success, whilst engaging clients and colleagues? We believe that the essence of leadership is the quality of conversations in the business. Many of the problems in business arise from the weakness of real dialogue and real listening. Having resilient, resourceful, confident and focused people is key to organising and nurturing change and building the strength to take opportunities and deal with setbacks.
Parallel Mind has specific experience to help on Partnering:  Advice on how to provide a better service as top class business partner – how to pitch successfully and how to develop and maintain a strong service provider-client relationship.
Parallel Mind is passionate about supporting you in achieving your goals, through improving conversations, thinking, the generation of insights and the energy to act.


Developing conversation that matters

We offer a variety of training programmes that specifically support the core belief of Parallel Mind, that the quality of conversations in business is everything, and the skills and confidence to deliver those conversations should not be left to chance.

  • The Internal coach and team development

    • Developing managers and leaders to adopt a coaching culture.

  • Team dynamics and effectiveness

    • Building confidence through productive conversations.

  • Partnering – productive business development

    • Engaging clients in dialog for positive outcomes.

  • Negotiation skills

    • Understanding the art and science.

  • Finding your authentic voice – speaking, presentations and communication.

    • Managing self and personal reputation


Mining strengths, bringing insights to the surface

We provide coaching services following a thorough evaluation and dialog to meet your specific needs and aims.

  • One to One leadership coaching

  • For individuals looking to grow.

  • Coaching supervision

  • For those coaching to stay fresh and challenging for their clients.

  • Coaching sales and business development

  • For professionals looking to be more productive in their conversations and value to clients.

  • Mentoring for executives.


Making change happen

We provide advice and consultation for professional service businesses and professionals in corporate organisations.

  • Developing talented professionals.

  • Dealing with organisational change; Reorganisation and (cross-border) integration.

  • Improving efficiency; saving costs.

  • Working with outside counsel; customer expectations/what clients want.

  • Running effective boards.

  • Dealing with challenging situations and relationships – preparing for difficult conversations and important meetings; helping with difficult decisions (e.g. appraisals, redundancies).

  • Personal brand and career management.

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