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The Chartered Insurance Institute strategic manifesto launch Nov 2016 – see the video and read all about it here….

MP October 2014_Career-Development_Parallel-Mind

Law Society Consulting – Innovation Change Thinking and Unlock  Potential

WHY LEADERS DON’T LISTEN – Bananas is the right answer

The Grexit Crisis and Power in Negotiations. Nick comments on observations from the Grexit crisis

Play it by Trust – did you ever think Yoko Ono could teach you anything?

Parallel Mind Communication Tips – tips on improving communication

Mindful Change perspectives – thinking about thinking

Mind the gap – tip sheet on cultural awareness

Managing Partner_May 2011_Business_Strategy – insights on Competitive strategy

LSBInnovation-Report – Legal Services Board and SRA research from Warwick Business School 2015 on Innovation in legal services

Corporate Counsel Exchange Survey 2015 – great info-graphic on what clients want from a law firm relationship

CASS CII_INNOVATION_REPORT_-_FINAL[5] – research findings from Cass Business School on leading innovation

AllianzGI CASE STUDY – notes on leading innovation

1215 Magna Carta Why King John should have had a BATNA – best alternative to a negotiated agreement – take a lesson