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Training, Coaching, and Consulting for leading and leaders

We offer a range of training, coaching and consulting/management support services, including interim management, that are developed from our personal experiences in corporate life and working to the needs of our clients.

Leading, being a leader, driving change and managing transitions in people and organisations presents an ongoing variety of challenges in business life.

We can help when there is a need to develop key people or teams to seize the opportunities thrown up in the process of change.

One of the many challenges for a professional business-to-business organisation is to build out from existing practices and its business culture.  How do you create new habits and sources of sustainable business success, whilst engaging clients and colleagues? We believe that the essence of leadership is the quality of conversations in the business. Many of the problems in business arise from the weakness of real dialogue and real listening. Having resilient, resourceful, confident and focused people is key to organising and nurturing change and building the strength to take opportunities and deal with setbacks.

Parallel Mind has specific experience to help on Partnering:  Advice on how to provide a better service as top class business partner – how to pitch successfully and how to develop and maintain a strong service provider-client relationship.

Parallel Mind is passionate about supporting you in achieving your goals, through improving conversations, thinking, the generation of insights and the energy to act.

Our offering and services:


Coaching  and Mentoring