Our difference

Our difference is the combined knowledge and experience of our team: in leadership; in the development of leaders; in the day-to-day business of implementing change; and in making effective transitions for businesses.

We take a parallel approach to supporting leaders and leadership in professional service firms.

On the one hand we offer training to associates, managers and directors in skills that accelerate their leadership prospects.

And on the other hand we coach leaders in leading through use of  Coaching skills to support the Associates’ progress.

In addition we will take a more hands on approach in the offer of advice, consultancy and interim management, to help you execute the process of change.

Parallel Mind takes a holistic approach to working on developing the art of  productive conversations. Our understanding and methods are based on an innovative mix of neuroscience research, gestalt coaching methodology and a deep understanding of the inner workings of professional service firms.

We are curious and creative in challenging our clients to lead through developing their own coaching skills to develop other talented professionals that will sustain their business into the future.

Parallel Mind will coach, advise and work with you and your people with an understanding of their value in your organisation.

We undertake work that we think interesting and worthwhile, and we hope to keep in touch afterwards informally because, put simply, we care.

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