What clients say about us

“I have known Nick since early 2013 when I first attended one of his seminars at my current law firm (Latham & Watkins). I was deeply impressed by his coaching. Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his seminars. Not only does he know how law firms work in terms of promoting younger talent, he also has significant insights into what clients look for when selecting their outside legal counsel. Moreover, Nick offers specific strategies based on scientific research that help you develop personally and professionally. He makes you think hard about where you are and what you want to achieve and he challenges you very positively to make sure you find the right path. All of this makes his seminars a truly valuable experience. Nick also does not stop caring after the seminars are over. He reaches out to people, follows up and offers his help. Nick is truly interested in the people he trains and in their development. That is testament to his perfect character and the enormous amount of passion he has for his job.”

Carsten Witzke – Attorney at Latham & Watkins LLP

“Nick is an excellent coach. His scientific knowledge on communication is as rich as his empathy. He is able to transport this knowledge in a way that allowed me to absorb and implement these important principles into my own communication quickly. While being challenging in his coaching sessions, he never tries to change you but instead wants and encourages you to become the best you. The work with him was enriching both on a professional and personal level”


“I met Nick during the business development workshops he is giving at my current employer (Latham & Watkins). He is an experienced coach who will challenge you and point you to strengths and weaknesses in your thinking and your demeanor. He will not try to impose his views on you but will rather look, in a non-judgmental way, for hints in what you say and how you say it (he is a very good listener) in order to help you become clearly in what you really want and what you need to do in order to achieve it. Most importantly for me, he has a deep understanding of how law firms and their decision makers tick so his guidance is tailored to my needs. I try to catch him for a chat every time he is in town as every conversation with him is valuable. Last but not least, he is also a very kind and delightful person and it’s fun working with him. I can recommend Nick to every lawyer who wants to know more about him or herself and get advice on how to effectively develop one’s career and business.”

Stephan Kress – Attorney at Latham & Watkins LLP

“Nick strikes a great balance between coaching and mentoring.

He listens effectively and guides the conversation to draw out the

critical points whilst allowing me to develop solutions.

In addition, Nick can draw on his extensive practical experience of working in

the legal sector to facilitate effective and practical solutions. Since working

With Nick over a two year period I have progressed from manager in the

Finance Department to Chief Financial Officer to Chief Operating Officer and

Partner in the Firm at the age of 35.

Jamie Bore COO Ogier Legal


“Nick gave a really good one day seminar at DLA Piper as a business coach. He was amazingly well prepared and brought in a lot of new ideas and practical advice; several of which I would consider for myself as those ideas that can make the difference in my future professional life.”

Hans Peter Wiesemann DLA Piper


“During my years at Lovells (now Hogan Lovells), I was lucky to get more than once the chance to work with Nick – on my marketing, leadership and overall skills.

Others may judge his success on me (I am now a Partner at Heuking).

From my point of view, I can recommend Nick to everyone. I have the feeling that I really got much out of the sessions with him.

Nick is the type of coach we are looking for. Enthusiastic and authentic in what he does, in depth knowledge and a way to understand each of his customers quickly so that he can tell you – individually – what you actually want to know, what you need to know, what fits with you and what does not.

As charming as Nick’s questions are – they are right to the point and show you things about yourself you never wanted to know – but need to understand before improving your performance.

Do not get me wrong: It is fun AND effective working with him. Just try …”

Bernd Weller  – formerly of Hogan Lovells


“I attended an inter-cultural communication workshop led by Nick in 2013, and subsequently entered into an individual coaching relationship with him over a one year period. Nick is genuine and forthright in his approach. He worked with me to further develop and apply my strengths, while aggressively tackling areas which were holding me back professionally. He was tough when warranted, and encouraging always. I emerged from coaching with a greater ability to self-assess, take control of difficult situations and navigate politics in an authentic and effective manner. I was promoted to team leader in 2015. I would recommend Nick to anyone who wishes to be more effective in their current role, adapt to a new position or forge ahead to the next stage of their career.”

Tavia Ewan Lex Mundi


“In 2007, I had the pleasure to work together with Nick as a Business Development advisor in a workshop for lawyers at Latham & Watkins. Since then our professional paths have crossed several times.

I was and still am convinced of his very open mind and his personality.

His interpersonal ability, his analytical training skills and especially his always one step ahead thinking enables lawyers to enhance their business consistent with the firm’s culture and the national / international environment.

Working with Nick is always fruitful  and his highly persuasive training skills are a great benefit for every lawyer developing his/her professional personality and business.”

Benno Engelmann Debevoise & Plimpton

“I was amazed how Nick managed to truly personalise the coaching. The good thing is, not only did I feel good about Nick’s sessions but also it transformed the way I work and relate to people. At my annual appraisal the partners  noted that during the past year I had developed myself tremendously in the areas Nick and I worked on.”

Matthijs Ingenuous Clifford Chance

“We, Martindale-Hubbell, engaged Nick to lead and facilitate a session at an offside conference. He put together a thought-provoking, fun and engaging program to help develop our team’s knowledge of building relationships with buying groups in law firms.”

Bryn Hughes The Law Society


“Nick was my client at the Corporate Counsel Exchange in October 2014. He was like a breath of fresh air in a room full of lawyers and brought something unique to the table with his ability to think outside the box, to motivate and most importantly in providing practical commercial advice in his leadership coaching panel.

In the current market where everyone claims to be all things to all men Nick offers something genuinely different and has the ability to engage and motivate in equal measure.”

Brad Cottle Corporate Counsel Exchange