Who we are

We are an international consultancy serving professional services businesses

We have worked with international law firms since 2002 and over the last decade expanded to include other professional service businesses, such as international finance banks and insurance companies and accounting firms.

Parallel Mind specialise in:

  • 1-1 Leadership Coaching
  • Training for individuals and management teams
  • Developing internal coaches and coaching resource
  • Consultancy services  to support business transitions and change
  • Partnering

We help leaders and in-house teams accelerate change through the development of leadership skills and the quality of conversation.

Nick Marson – founder, Principal and CEO, United Kingdom and Germany

Neil May – Chairman, United Kingdom

Derek Benton – Consultant Coach, United Kingdom

David Ross – Consultant, United Kingdom

Frans Meijer – Consultant Coach, Netherlands

Lieve Van den Broeck – Consultant Coach, Belgium

Hans von der Linde – Consultant, Germany and United Kingdom